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PONY is the definitive product of New York. Our community defines who we are.

In a city with notoriously unpredictable weather, PONY is there to help to overcome the elements

New York City is where we learnt to walk. When dodging traffic and yellow taxis, PONY will keep you on your feet.

Born in New York, made for the world. Our sneakers remain city-proof and ready to make the most of any place, any time.


Founded on Madison Avenue in New York as the original sneakers designed for real people. PONY was initially launched as an athletic footwear brand.


Pele scores his world record 1250th goal and was awarded with a golden replica of the PONY boot he wore during that feat.


PONY shoes were spotted on both Larry Holmes and Ken Norton in their WBC heavyweight title bout.


Sporting her PONY shoes, Tracy Austin claims another U.S. Open title


PONY shoes were seen on Kristen Stewart, Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Blink 182 and other celebrities.


PONY teams up with rap icon Snoop Dogg to release his Doggy Biscuitz sneaker line.


PONY and its forward-pointing chevron continues to cement its relevance as the original sneakers for real people.