Tory Burch to amerykańska marka lifestyle’ową, która ukazuje osobisty styl oraz wrażliwość dyrektorki oraz głównej projektantki Tory Burch.

Kolekcje od lutego 2004 roku znane są z charakterystycznych kolorów, printów i eklektycznych detali. Marka oferuje Ready-to-wear, buty, torby, akcesoria, zapachy oraz kosmetyki.

Tory Burch ma 120 butików na całym świecie – od Ameryki północnej, Europy, Bliskiego Wschodu po Azję. Ponadto marka obecna jest w centrach handlowych z multibrandami oraz w Internecie.


The Company has built a reputation for its creative use of unique materials in footwear and for its attention to quality. The brand has earned a worldwide reputation as the embodiment of great American Style. Stuart Weitzman’s dedication to fusing fashion, fit and comfort has earned him accolades from both the design world and legions of diverse fans, including some of the top celebrities across the globe.

Offering shoes and handbags characterized by sophistication and whimsy, he’s shoes are also known for its extraordinary fit. Stuart Weitzman has developed a devoted following among women of all ages who want irresistibly beautiful, extravagantly comfortable shoes for every part of their lives, from work to play and from day to night.


REDValentino to młodsza siostra docenianej na całym świecie marki VALENTINO.

Jest ona połączeniem streetwear’u z haute couture, świata realnego ze światem marzeń, przeszłości z teraźniejszością. Kolekcje są inspirowane oryginalnymi, niesamowitymi historiami. Looki RED Valentino nie są oczywiste i mogą być interpretowane na różne sposoby.

REDValentino wyróżnia się z tłumu, nie podąża za oczywistymi koncepcjami.

REDValentino jest spontaniczne, wielokulturowe, piękne.


Vivetta is an Italian contemporary brand established in 2010 by the fashion designer Vivetta Ponti.

VIVETTA is inspired by the love for animals, especially for cats, memories of a happy childhood and nostalgia of the past. She abandons the charm of vintage dolls, old toys, antiques, tapestries of an other age, delights of poetry and she loses in books that speaks of Surrealism.

Her creations are the result of visions, moving ideas referring to Gio Ponti and Fornasetti, to the art deco of Erté, to illustrations by Luigi Serani, to Slim’s photographs and to Aarons and Pablo Picasso’s works. Listens to Marianne Faithfull and Connan Mockasin, dreams with Catherine Deneuve and the Nouvelle Vague.


Iceberg is synonymous with a dynamic fashion-forward vision reflecting an American Pop Art slant, an art genre of which Gilmar owners are avid collectors. This vision comes through in the wide range of products – from watches to shoes, childrenswear to homewear, all the way to exclusive mineral waters Iceberg evergreens revisited in a modern and ‘urban’ key offer a sporty look that enjoys toying with myths from the imaginary world of cartoons, embroidery and prints that make every item of clothing a unique piece.

The brand has made its way into young hip-hop communities and has tread the boards with the most acclaimed stars. Iceberg pop is increasingly pop with its unmistakable style.


Marka Le Silla została założona w 1994 roku przez Enio Silla, który zdecydował, że chce poświęcić się swojej największej pasji: kobiecemu obuwiu.
Enio Silla, który od zawsze był głównym projektantem, chciał nadać kształt pożądaniu, aby w pełni ukazać kobiecość i oddać jej hołd.
Marka Le Silla może być opisana jako: bardzo wyrafinowana oraz sexy.

100% Made in Italy.
Kontrola jakości jest głównym elementem podczas procesu produkcji każdego buta. Każdy produkt musi być perfekcyjny, aby mógł być doceniany w kraju oraz za granicą. Buty tworzone są według tradycyjnych standardów, które uaktualniane są najnowszymi technikami.



Philippe Model shoes embody the inestimable value of the Italian craft tradition created in production processes located in the Riviera del Brenta, renowned for its know-how and high standards of quality. Every single detail plays its part in transforming a Philippe Model shoe into a marriage of comfort and design. The twin spirits of Philippe Model live parallel lives like the images in a split-screen video. Variety of expressive idioms and concepts generates harmonies and distortions, possibilities and pleasing risks.

Alongside the daytime footwear line which has given innovative twists to conventional codes, Philippe Model’s “Elastique’s” has a more feminine perspective, in which the revisiting of the famous elastic shoe offers an aesthetic that is both classic and pioneering


Love Moschino line reflects the stylistic philo- sophy and the iconic motifs that have always characterized the Maison. The word LOVE and its values – empathy, sharing and emotions – together with the strong desire to communicate ironic and positive messages, inspired the new name of the label. The line reflects the trend to have a casual style, a contemporary cool attitude, which is an expression of the passion for fashion as an original and creative dimension, exemplified by bright colors and appealing pop and cartoon graphics.

Different lines of accessories complete the Love Moschino ready-to-wear collections. Bags, shoes, charms, eyewear, watches and small leather goods have become must-have items in the wardrobe of both men and women.


Structured as a complete collection that works from day to night and from business to glamor, the Moschino Boutique line draws inspiration from the Moschino fashion house’s archives and its most genuine DNA, whose aesthetic and distinctive traits are reinterpreted in a contemporary tone. From the city-coat to the cocktail dress, from the pop-style t-shirt to the classic suit, each article goes beyond the concept of seasonality, updating the brand’s timeless identity.

The result is a wardrobe that is functional, recognizable and extremely versatile, for its wide range of customers as well as for the complete expression of the collection’s every detail, offered across all categories, models, fabrics and colors




Bielizna Moschino

Marka powstała w roku 1983.
Jej założyciel – Franco Moschino w swoich projektach zapragnął odejść od śmiertelnej powagi, z jaką niektórzy kreatorzy traktują modę, oferując świeżość, przekorę i poczucie humoru.
Nonkonformista, buntownik stworzył swój własny, charakterystyczny, mocny styl.
Jego radosne i lekko prowokujące projekty są uosobieniem optymizmu i luksusu. Zadziorne projekty marki z powodzeniem znajdują nabywców na całym świecie.

W 2013 roku stery przejął amerykański projektant Jeremy Scott.

Kolekcje bielizny i mody plażowej są produkowane przez Velmara na licencji od 2006 roku. Ich kolekcje są przepełnione kolorami i ciekawymi wzorami.


The first collection of Moschino was born in 1983 thanks to Franco Moschino’s creative genius.

Irreverent, rebel, nonconformist from the beginning of his career, the brand parades the catwalk with its contagious power.

From 1994 the creative direction is in the hands of Ms. Rossella Jardini.

On 28th Oct. 2013 the creative direction of Moschino has been given to Jeremy Scott, the American designer.

The underwear and swim collections Moschino, under Velmar’s license since 2006, are the natural combination to the apparel line of which it gets, in parts, patterns and colors, with ad hoc integration for the specialized channel.


Moschino is a brand like no other. Constantly under the (more of less friendly) spotlight of the fashion critics, the brand was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino, who notoriously stated that “Good Taste does not exist”. A strange motto for a fashion brand, but not this one, which is known for its ironic criticism of the fashion industry and the social awareness campaigns prompted.

Their often ironic and always show-stopping designs have prompted various artists. After Franco Moschino and his assistant Rosella Jardini, the next man put in charge of the fashion house’s creative direction was Jeremy Scott, which made a lasting impression with his McDonalds, Barbie and other funny and extravagant elements

Moschino Accessorise



Dsquared2’s philosophy is an edgy mix of Canadian iconography, refined Italian tailoring and playful sensuality. The collections are a seamless melding of contrasts: sporty and glamorous, laidback and extravagant, masculine and feminine, creating a distinctive concept of alternative luxury. Recently the Dsquared2 collections have gained a sophisticated edge while maintaining the sexiness embedded in the brand’s DNA. Dean and Dan Caten divide their lives between Milan and London, and the Dsquared2 collections are produced in Italy, giving rise to the brand’s motto of “Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy”.


Versace Jeans is a second line of the luxury brand Versace, made for a younger audience who doesn’t want to renounce to a luxury style: in fact, it keeps both the creative DNA and the global marketing strategy of the Maison.

Its international spirit has conquered the younger generation across all over the world with a total look including RTW, footwear and accessories.  Versace jeans collection concentrates on informal clothing, high-end denim and classic Gianni Versace print shirts which are distributed through 56 boutiques and flagship stores, and 1800 multi-brand points of sale, including Internet-based shops.


Mr&Mrs Italy interprets iconic garments with an Italian air, creating unique, high-end fashion items for women and men.

Mr&Mrs Italy’s success is based on the capability to continuously research and identify styles with a strong tradition and a rich history. They are trasformed in unique, fashionable pieces using handcrafted materials, often exclusive for the brand as well as sophisticated colouring and nishing techniques. All 100% made in Italy.


JOG DOG is the embodiment of the future footwear, a   unique combination of ergonomics, technology and fashionable exterior. Each model is created by individual and for individuals. It has no alternatives among fashion brands. We have combined multiple technologies to provide consumer with maximum comfort in any season and invited a creative team of designers to make our shoes not only Comfortable, but also fashionable.

JOG DOG is supported by an active communication: promotion with celebrities and fashion bloggers, fashion glossy magazines and Instagram. Personalized single pairs of shoes are manufactured specially for the celebs, Fashion top models, famous sportsman what contributes to rapidly growing popularity among all the opinion leaders.


Cesare Paciotti is an Italian shoe brand founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Paciotti, father of the current designer Cesare. The brand’s strong personality is symbolised by the dagger, whose hilt bears the designer’s initials creating an unmistakable logo for the maison. An anti-conformist brand that broke the rules of contemporary fashion with its very first collection, creating not only simple, ordinary shoes, but also real high-fashion items with precious embroidery and refined accessories.

The Cesare Paciotti shoes give a touch of rock to a classic look, breaking the monotony and revealing the true character of a woman and a man’s masculinity in an extremely fashionable way