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The innovation brought to Paris by French designer Philippe Model in the Eighties met up, in 2008, with the eclectic and visionary talent of  Paolo Gambato, the designer who became the brand’s creative director. Since then, the classic tradition has been enhanced by Italian craftsmanship in the concept of the iconic and sophisticated Elastique line and in the famous daytime footwear bearing the hand-stitched shield as its hallmark of quality and “sartorial” luxury.

“Every model is the fruit of instinct and unconventional content,” explains the Italian designer Philippe Model.

“Freedom in the creative phase is backed up by rigorous analysis of each product, whose wearability must be in line with precise parameters to achieve the highest levels of comfort.”

The raised fussbett and handmade sole are just two of the stylistic changes and technological innovations that give the footwear a bespoke feel whilst guaranteeing top performance.

“ Philippe Model was able  to elevate the traditional concept of a gym shoe by using high-end materials that were previously reserved for exclusive products or special occasions.”

Experimentation with noble materials, combined with a fluid aesthetic and increasingly rare craft techniques, gives the urban avant-garde an extraordinarily genuine and unconventional product, made with meticulous care in Italy