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JOG DOG has no alternatives among luxury sports wear brands.  It have combined multiple technologies to provide consumer with maximum comfort in any season and invited a creative team of designers to make their shoes not only comfortable, but also fashionable.

Today JOG DOG is sold in Europe, Russia, Korea, USA, Canada, Morocco, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. There are two brand showrooms in Milan, an office and a showroom in Moscow, agents in New York and Toronto.

The largest Fashion Department “Nordstrom”   in USA has opened  its doors to our Brand.

Founded in 2010

Produced in Italy by a factory with more than 30 years of experience

Strong on-shelves positions al all core markets

Good retail sell-through -70-75% sold before sales

JogDog has two successful collections: Adult and Kids

JogDog is presented in two seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer

JogDog is perceived as trendy and glamorous but the core to it are such technologies as:

BIOMETEX®–biological membrane textile, a kind of closed system with absolute water repellency, windproof, with features similar to those of our skin. It allows the shoes to keep heat at temperatures down to -25 Сº.

BASF Elastopan® -Cold Resistance –innovative multi-component polyurethane: a high performance material, which combines a special flexural performance at extremely low temperatures with a very high slip resistance on wet and icy surfaces, low abrasion and good shock absorption.

THINSULATE™ Insulation –perfect three-layer insulation, “heat pump” which also helps to actively chuck out evaporation

SHOCK ABSORBER –a special sole structure which dampens shock load and protects the foot from sprains and strains, adding comfort while walking or running.

FLEXPOINT –a natural foot flexion technology which protects joints and tendons from pain during long walks and other activities.

NATURAL STEP SYSTEM –a natural step system, an anatomic sole structure which evenly distributes tension over the foot and leg joints.

SUPERGRIP–a slip-resistant sole with elastic elements, made of thermoplastic alloys, natural rubber and oil repelling components. It dissipates water on solid surfaces and latches securely like car tires on soft ones.

  • Biometex®waterproof membrane;
  • BASF Elastopan® outsole compound;
  • Ortholite® insoles.