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Blugirl captures a young, colorful, ironic-romantic spirit. This is the brand’s distinguishing feature. As in the charmingly witty and quirky way of expressing a personal sense of style; the romanticism linking the brand explicitly to the Blumarine line; the importance of color in making a sparkling upbeat fashion statement; the youthful flair adding a unique and special twist to the clothes and accessories.


Based on the group strategies, Blugirl has a brand positioning and pricing at a market level just below Blumarine’s. This is to meet al- ternative/complementary consumer needs and expectations.

Quality, research, attention to working processes and to materials reflect the same very high standards common to all Blufin Group brands. In the same way, the creation of Blugirl advertising image is always put in the hands of top-notch professionals and artists.


Together with the brand, through the years the Blugirl customer has grown up and become more mature, too. What remains the same is the young Blugirl woman’s personality, the image she identifies with: Witty, Bon-ton, Feminine and Glam.


Fashion is a game never to take too seriously, to play with a free and easy spirit. By definition, the Blugirl style must have a deli- ciously off-beat slant.


Quiet elegance with a precise fashion flair, totally fresh and fun, is a signature element of the Blugirl line and of the Blugirl woman.


She’s a romantic who loves expressing her femininity with true re- finement, making the most of her qualities ever mindful of good taste and sensibility.


The Blugirl look is modern and edgy, yet always with a unique and original twist.