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Frankie Morello was born in 1999 thanks to Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti.

The brand identity shows the idea of flaw as an artistic detail, a weareable imperfection, structured and unstructured. Dress becomes a mix of fabrics, moods, colours and uncorrelated settings which are marked by clear interpretation.

An elegant balance of contrast, in a pleasant harmony, where the small details become main features. Frankie Morello designs items for everybody who adopt art as their lifestyle.

Great personalities of the fashion world as well as the close collaboration with emerging artists inspired the collection’s renewal.

The first step of the new Frankie Morello project was fixed by FMM srl brand acquisition on April 2016, by launching the SS17 collection. It represents a stylistic-graphic evolution that updates the main features of Frankie Morello.

The SS17 collection combines past, present and future, thanks to the art director Nicholas Poggioli and his team, who give a new and original reinterpretation. Art, technological discovers and recent events are the principal themes to be recreated according to an aestethic and creative code of very strong impact.

Graphics are the brand identity’s main elements. They’re not considered like an aesthetic proof, but a communication tool.