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Duvetica is an italian brand that uses the best grey goose down in an ideal ratio of 90% down and 10% feather, to pad its garments. What makes the difference betweem Duvetica and its competitors, is its enrollment in production areas, investing in Research & Development aiming to improve and maintaing grey goose down quality.
Duvetica is an Italian company of sportswear fashion specialized in the production of jackets and duvet jackets for men and women famous all over the world whit showrooms in the principal capitals of the world from Milan to Tokyo. This really new brand arrived in Italy only after a big success in Japan that has been used as springboard. The fashion’s lines of the brand are dedicated to a young target, with comfortable and multi-accessorized jackets, for those who want to feel stylishness with a simple product.

The proposals of the brand go from the sleeveless jackets with the typical blackout zip that closed also the hood, to the model with the fur-trimmed hood, with a removable fringe. The exclusive design of the items, the coloured zip in opposition, the choice of quality materials and clothes for duvet jackets, realized in real goose’s feather, are the characteristics of this brand with a strong identity. Every model of the brand are created in a huge range of colours, perfect for the city life and for the journeys, they are warm and can be closed like sleeping bad. (A curiosity: “duvet” in French means exactly “duvet jacket in goose’s feather”).